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what we do

Karakas is three teams working in total synchronicity. This gives you the choice to either use one for a specific task or a combination for projects across different media.


We take the time to understand your objectives in order to help you make the right decisions and build the best online solution.


User experience is the critical sum of navigation, logic, movement, design and technology wrapped into a split second of user appreciation. Our experts will help you optimise all of this.


Content is king and without good content, your project will have a limited shelf life, no matter how good the design is. We help our clients edit existing content or write fresh text and build hierarchy and clarity of messaging.


Our developers are masters at making the complex look simple. They work hand in hand with our design team to deliver a solid website that does everything you need it to do, and perfectly.



Every project is unique. We design our sites specifically for you. We won't sell you a prefab template which does half a job and then gently collapses over time.


Going live is only the beginning. Our support team will help you breathe life into your website in a multitude of ways and we're always available to troubleshoot any bugs or hosting problems.


We either write completely new content or help our clients craft existing material. Working on content allows us to gain insight into a client's operations, views and aims. This background knowledge always generates a more focussed end-product.


The flip side of the rise of digital communications is that print has become special. Opening a well designed, freshly printed document, on high quality paper and finished with a varnish or even a laser cut cover, has become a rarer and therefore more exciting event.


Laying out and preparing a document perfectly for print requires particular skills which are often overlooked. Every year, we create hundreds of documents of all lengths which need to be absolutely perfect when we hit the button and the machines start to roll.


Logically constructed and elegantly styled infographics are always a crowd pleaser because they help make your content more accessible and enjoyable. We create infographics that range from simple icons and charts to complex and interactive flow charts or animations.


Whether a static photo or motion video, imagery is a key element of our designs. Audiences, and especially the younger millenials, absorb and communicate hundreds of images every day if not thousands. With this incessant visual competition going on, the challenge to create impactful and meaningful imagery just gets harder.


With new print materials and techniques constantly coming onto the market, we can continue to broaden our creative scope. Our print team works with some of the best printers and finishers available, both in offset and digital. Our offset printers are FSC approved which means that they operate a sustainable production chain; from paper supply to non-solvent inks, recycling and energy savings.


Always know your enemy and have a clear vision of where your company, organisation or product should fit into a given market. We help you benchmark what’s working and what isn’t. We clarify communication aims, run internal surveys and use the appropriate tools to help you compile an accurate branding brief.


With an accurate brief, we can start with design concepts. Our aim is to inspire you and open up possible new design directions but always working within the agreed brief. It is essential to be creative at this stage because it’s the only time in the entire process where we can explore new ideas which can help you make the right future moves.


We work on style templates once the design and concept phase is completed, for both digital and print media. We start with the building blocks such as the logo, colours and fonts, and build up to the complete set of stationery, websites templates, publications, events materials, signage, merchandising and more.


A set of accurate and consistent guidelines is your cornerstone reference document and represents the completion of the branding design process. It also signals the start of the implementation process and will ensure brand consistency as implementation takes place.


Implementing a new brand is the internal communications phase and is often a great opportunity to re-motivate personnel at the same time. The company needs to adopt the new design, messaging and tools.


Activating a new brand is the promotion of the new brand to external audiences. This is a step-by-step process and we help our clients accomplish this on both short and long-term timelines.

meet the team

We're an international mix of young energy and old know-how. Karakas is American, Belgian, Danish, English, French, Indian and Irish.

Sandra PardonAccounting
RohithSenior web designer
HarishLead developer
Chris Barton Strategy and content
Julie DelvauxProject manager
Jan ByttebierSenior designer
Felix VannesteDesigner
Vianney ForgeoisDigital director
Tim LyonDesigner
RajeshSenior developer