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bir publications

We produce annual reviews and industry statistics reports for the The Bureau of International Recycling View
  • Annual reports
  • Statistics reports
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  • Infographics
  • Photography
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Annual reports

BIR works in eight sectors of recycling. Our job is to consolidate these sectors under one consistent visual identity and remain creative in our design approach.

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The reports are produced in English, German and French which means that our layouts need to take into account the varying language lengths but still remain both consistent and attractive.


Good photography, both of the materials and recyling plants, plays a key role in making this essential industry come alive.

recycling day

BIR is proposing to create a global recycling day in order to highlight the important role that this industry plays for the sustainability of our planet.

statistics reports

Each sector produces its own industry statistics. Our job is to interpret and transform these into clear and accessible information.